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Protect your Backflow Assembly… 

From Theft

Unfortunately, unprotected backflow assemblies are a common target for thieves in Tucson. They sell off the valves, brass, and copper as scrap metal. The few dollars made by thieves could potentially cost you thousands of dollars to replace the backflow assembly and pipe. We offer security cages that help prevent your backflow assembly from theft.

We build our cages in-house with quality 1 1/4" x 1/8" thick steel and 1/2" 13-gauge expanded metal. All cages are powder-coated to minimize rust and increase the longevity of the cage. Our cages are also equipped with a padlock cover to deter cutting tools commonly used in thefts.

Custom sizes cages are also available, as are contractor and wholesale pricing. Please contact us for details.

From Freezing

Freezing in Tucson?!?! Yes, it does happen on occasion. Every time the temperatures dips below freezing, it could cause costly repairs or replacements to exposed backflow assemblies. We offer sturdy insulation blankets made just for your backflow assembly. Don’t get caught in the cold; install a blanket today. Please contact us for pricing.  

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